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Arch Canyon Overlook

Every year about mid to late February when the temperatures creep up to the 40s and sometimes even 50s, I start to get the itch to get out and explore this beautiful area we live in!  Two weekends ago it … Continue reading

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Recapture Pocket- San Juan County’s Version of Goblin Valley

You know how every so often you’ll suddenly start hearing lots of people talk about something that you had never previously heard of?  Well that happened to me recently with Recapture Pocket- an area near Bluff that is kind of … Continue reading

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Muley Point

I first heard of Muley Point a few months after I started working in this office.  My boss had asked me to translate a Japanese powerpoint presentation that had been given to him by the Japanese Market Representative for the … Continue reading

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Natural Bridges National Monument

As promised in my post last month on the Astronomy Program at Natural Bridges National Monument, I’m re-visiting Natural Bridges to post a little more on the bridges themselves. By now I’ve probably been to Natural Bridges about 8-10 times … Continue reading

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2012 Annular Eclipse From Hart Point Road

The Annular Solar Eclipse on Sunday (May 20th, 2012) has been quite the hot topic in San Juan County for the past couple months.  The reason for this was because the southern end of the county was right in the … Continue reading

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Fall River Trips on the San Juan

At the beginning of August I posted a blog entry on my trip down the San Juan River with Wild Rivers Expeditions.  I mentioned that although that was my first trip down the river with a guide, I’d been down … Continue reading

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Dark Canyon – Sundance Trail

My husband and I have been wanting to hike in Dark Canyon almost ever since we moved to San Juan County.  It’s been on our ‘list’ for quite a while now, but it seems like there is always some kind … Continue reading

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