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Click HERE to request travel brochures for San Juan County, Utah

16 Responses to Request Information

  1. david Carne says:

    ….wow just an amzing state. look forward to visiting later this year

  2. david Carne says:

    Appreciate your reply – thank you. Sure a map and general literature would be fantastic. My mailing address is DG Carne, 33 Blackburn Road, Egerton, Bolton, Lancashire. BL7 9EP. My son is going to be studying for aprox 2 years starting August. Great excitement !! Many thanks. David

  3. david Carne says:

    Thank you very much. Do appreciate that. Have a good day. Dave C

  4. David Carne says:

    Allison – Thanks so much for sending literature – wow 4 days to arrive here. Have yourself a great week. David

  5. Larry Magelitz says:

    My family is heading west at the end of July. I have planned everything through Colorado (been there before) and through the south and north rim of the Grand Canyon. We will be checking out of the North Rim Lodge on a Friday morning and have to be back in St. Louis by Sunday night. Please give us some ideas for a scenic route through Utah (we want to end up in Grand Junction and take I70 through Denver). It looks like Route 89 to I70 is the easiest route. We would love to go through the Canyon areas, but need to know what kind of roads (or lack thereof) to expect. It’s gonna be hard enough to get our kids through the Million Dollar Highway. . .

  6. Timothy J. Robeck says:

    As a geology student, I am looking forward to my trip to Canyon County and its marvelous, (almost other-worldly) vistas.Does anyone know where I’d could do some advance study on what makes the rocks there what they are?

    Both an overview and a detailed description would be helpful; I don’t want to go home with my eyes full of wonder, and no notes to fill-in the gaps. What natural processes are, (have been) at work there?

    • Allison says:

      There are quite a few books on the geology of the Colorado Plateau- I have never read any of them myself, but I’ve seen them in the Visitor Centers around here. (I’m sure you can find them on Amazon too!)

  7. Chase says:

    I’m planning a trip with about 8 of my college friends to do the sundance trail in dark canyon in august. Does the stream dry up in the late summer? I heard there were fires there last summer. Was anything compromised in the canyon?

    • Allison says:

      Thank you for your question. Sorry for my delayed response- I haven’t logged in in about a month…
      As far as I know, there is water in Dark Canyon most of the year, but I would call the Monticello BLM at: (435)587-1500 to double check.

  8. Jeanie Hunter says:

    Will you be building a sculpture (mammoth, paleo-bison) to be burned at the Winter Solstice this year?

  9. kathy clark says:

    Does Indian creek flow year around?

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