Custom San Juan County Map Project

Custom San Juan County Map by Fell

Our office has recently been working on what I think we all agree to be one of our most exciting projects to date- a custom San Juan County map made by Salt Lake City artists and husband and wife duo, Tiera & Jorrien Peterson, better known in the art world as Fell.

We had so much fun working with Fell and picking out everything we wanted to include on the map.  San Juan County is a huge county (larger than Rhode Island, Delaware, or Connecticut!) and we have so many parks, monuments, formations & features, archaeological sites, museums, activities, and such a rich history and mix of cultures, it was actually really difficult to narrow it down and decide what to include on the map, but we are extremely happy with the final product!

Custom San Juan County Map by Fell

How many places on the map can you name?  Any favorites?  Anything you think we left off that should have been included?  We’d love to hear your feedback!

For more information or to request travel brochures, please call Utah’s Canyon Country at: 800-574-4386

Or e-mail us at:

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