Upcoming Event: 17th Annual Bluff International Balloon Festival

2015 Bluff Balloon Festival

One of my favorite annual events in San Juan County is coming up this weekend- the Bluff International Balloon Festival!  In its 17th year, the balloon festival now has 28 hot air balloons with pilots and crews, making their way to Bluff to take part in a weekend of flying the skies over Bluff and Valley of the Gods.

Bluff Balloon Festival- San Juan County, UT

Bluff Balloon Festival- San Juan County, UT

Bluff Balloon Festival- San Juan County, UT

Bluff Balloon Festival- San Juan County, UT

In addition to the events that take place in the skies above Bluff, there are also a lot of events for spectators to enjoy on the ground; A Navajo Taco dinner with traditional Navajo dancing by Bluff Elementary School students, Arts Fair, Chili & Ice Cream Social, and a Balloon Glow-In at dusk.

Video credit: The Salt Lake Tribune

Earlier this year, KUED, Channel 7 in Salt Lake City (PBS) featured the Bluff International Balloon Festival on their, ‘Utah Bucket List 2’.  If you’ve ever attended, I’m sure you’ll agree!  It’s a truly unique experience in a breathtaking location!

Four years ago I was lucky enough to get to go up in one of the balloons, and I’ll never forget it- it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced!  You can read my blog entry about my experience HERE.  While this is mostly a spectator event, there is ALWAYS the chance that if you show up early enough, you may be able to volunteer as a crew member and have the opportunity to go up in one of the balloons!  But whether you make it up in a balloon or not, attending the balloon festival is an experience like no other and I promise, you’ll be glad you came!

For more information or to request travel brochures, please call Utah’s Canyon Country at: 800-574-4386

Or e-mail us at: info@utahscanyoncountry.com

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