San Juan County Junior Passport Program

The San Juan County Economic Development & Visitor Services office is launching a new promotional campaign this summer to encourage local students & their families, to get out and enjoy all the parks, monuments, museums, and attractions we have right in our own backyard!

The passports will be handed out to all elementary and middle school students during the last week of school, and students have through the end of the summer to visit as many of the parks & museums as they can.  Some of the places listed in the passport include; Canyonlands National Park, Natural Bridges, Hovenweep & Rainbow Bridge National Monuments, Dead Horse Point, Edge of the Cedars & Goosenecks State Parks, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, and various museums including the Bluff Fort, The Dinosaur Museum, and Goulding’s Lodge Museum.  Visitor Centers throughout the county are also listed.

While many of these attractions normally have an entrance fee, the passport booklet points out that a State Parks Pass can be checked out at the Monticello and Blanding Libraries enabling the holder and their family (up to a total of 8 people) free entrance into any Utah State Park.

In addition, the National Park Service also has several days throughout the year where they offer free entrance into the National Parks & Monuments.  One of those days, ‘Get Outdoors Day’ is coming right up on June 9th, 2012 and is a great chance for students to visit one of the National Parks or Monuments without having to pay the entrance fee.  *Click here for a list of all NPS free entrance days.

Students who turn in a completed passport at the end of the summer will win a free San Juan County T-shirt and will also be entered to win one of three grand prizes: An ATV Trip with Four Corners Adventures, A Tour of Monument Valley with Goulding’s Lodge, or a Day Trip on the San Juan River with Wild Rivers Expeditions.

We’re very excited about this campaign and hope that a lot of San Juan County students participate and get out there to see what a beautiful area they live in!  There are three places in the passport that I’ve never been to, (Hole N’ the Rock Home, The Dinosaur Museum, and Rainbow Bridge) so I think I’m going to have to get moving and try to visit them before the end of the summer- I can’t let the students show me up! 🙂

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