Runnin’ Iron Inn & Line Camp Steakhouse

Line Camp Steakhouse & Runnin’ Iron Inn

Even before I had moved to Monticello, I had already found the Line Camp Steakhouse online and couldn’t wait to go have dinner there!  That was almost 3 years ago, and I just finally went for the first time when my mom and step-dad were visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I’m not sure why it took us so long to go- I think we’ve been waiting for a special occasion or for someone to come visit us so we could take them there, but I’m glad we finally made it- it was worth the wait!

The restaurant has a great atmosphere- it’s decorated with Navajo rugs & baskets, antiques, old signs & photographs, and lots of old western decor.  One of my favorite touches were the oil lanterns on every table- they really give the dining room a warm & cozy feeling.

Line Camp Steakhouse

Line Camp Steakhouse

Off to one side of the dining room, there’s a staircase leading to the second floor which has an open balcony overlooking the dining area, and is where the rooms for the Runnin’ Iron Inn are located.

One of the Rooms in the Runnin’ Iron Inn

Runnin’ Iron Inn

Private Deck Off One of the Rooms in the Runnin’ Iron Inn

The whole time we were there I kept thinking about what a nice weekend getaway it would be!  It seems like the perfect place for anyone who is looking for a quiet weekend to relax and unwind without all the usual distractions around.  The Runnin’ Iron Inn has great reviews on Trip Advisor, and some of the words that I kept seeing people use to describe it are; rustic, warm, charming, brimming with character, unique, and off the beaten track. CLICK HERE TO READ REVIEWS FOR THE RUNNIN’ IRON INN.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving we spent the day with my mom and step-dad in the Needles District of Canyonlands and by the time dinner rolled around, we’d all worked up quite an appetite!  The Line Camp Steakhouse has several meals to chose from including several different types of steak, chicken breast, pork fillet, salmon, and lobster tail.  All the meals come with salad, beans, garlic bread, and potatoes.  Also, right after they bring out your meal, they come around with a pot of sauteed mushrooms which they will add to your plate if you want.

The Line Camp Steakhouse is one of the few places in Monticello that offers beer with your meal.  They also allow people to bring their own wine and offer free corkage.

Dinner Salad – Line Camp Steakhouse

I think everybody’s favorite part of the meal was the big basket of garlic bread that they brought out after we’d finished our salads.  I could have easily eaten several slices (and they were BIG slices too!) but I knew that there was a lot more food coming, so I tried to regain some of the self control that I’d lost over the Thanksgiving holiday and only ate one slice.  (*My husband, who seems to feel no food-related-guilt whatsoever, ate FOUR slices while we were at the restaurant and then I caught him at the fridge sneaking the last piece out of our to-go-box as soon as we got home!)

The BEST Garlic Bread EVER! – Line Camp Steakhouse

Steak, Potatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms, & Pickled Asparagus – Line Camp Steakhouse

The meal was wonderful and we were all completely stuffed by the time we finished.  Bob, the owner, had come over to our table to talk to us a couple times throughout the evening and had told us that his family had just had their Thanksgiving the night before (it seemed that many of them were still there and were in an adjoining part of the dining room)  and that they had several different kinds of home-made pies (including Persimmon pie, which I had never even heard of!) that we could help ourselves to after our dinner.  We all had full intentions of taking him up on his generous offer, but we were too full by the time we finished our meals, so we ended up passing on the pie.

As I mentioned above, the Runnin’ Iron Inn & Line Camp Steakhouse have great reviews on Trip Advisor.  Many of the reviews also mention Bob’s humor and storytelling.  One even goes as far as to say that in addition to being the owner, Bob is also the ‘chief cook, concierge, and entertainment’!  We didn’t have the chance to talk to him very much, but he did mention hanging out on the sets of the John Wayne movies that were shot in Monument Valley in the 1940s & 50s when he was a kid- I’ll have to be sure to ask him about that next time I’m out there!

I read review after review on Trip Advisor that mentioned the wonderful hospitality people have experienced as guests at both the Inn and the restaurant and after my visit, I can see exactly what they were talking about!

Directions to the Runnin’ Iron Inn & Line Camp Steakhouse:

From Monticello: The Runnin’ Iron Inn & Line Camp Steakhouse is located at mile marker 79.5, halfway between Monticello and the junction of Hwy 191 & 211. (leading to the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park)

Head north on Hwy 191 for approximately 8 miles.  As you’re heading north it can be easy to miss if you’re not familiar with the area- there is a blue sign with an RV/Camper trailer symbol that you can see just before the sign indicating ‘Hotel/Restaurant’ at the bottom of the driveway on the right hand side of the road.

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