Fall Colors in the Abajo Mountains – Hart’s Draw Road

Fall is here!  I guess it’s actually been a week now since it ‘officially’ became fall, but it wasn’t until I looked up on the side of the Abajo Mountains on my way to work a couple days ago and saw some color up there, that I realized that fall really is here!

I thought I’d share some pictures I took this morning along the Hart’s Draw Road.  It was BEAUTIFUL up there this morning and I plan to head back as soon as I get off work!  If you’re in the area and would like to see some beautiful fall colors- Hart’s Draw Road won’t disappoint! (I’ll post a map at the end of this entry)

All of these pictures were taken along Hart’s Draw Road in the Abajo Mountains just west of Monticello.  You can access Hart’s Draw Road from 200 South in Monticello (Right beside the Welcome Center) or from Hwy 211 (The road that leads to the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park) just a few miles before reaching Newspaper Rock.

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2 Responses to Fall Colors in the Abajo Mountains – Hart’s Draw Road

  1. Bob Walters says:

    Beautiful pictures. I was there September 26 when the Aspens were just turning. Got a few photos but not up close like yours.

    Bob W from Columbia, MO

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